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Sam Bahreini

Sam Bahreini

Serial Disruptor

“I’m a passionate entrepreneur and problem solver. Show me something that can’t be, I’ll show you why it can be. After all, I’ve gone against the trend my entire life.”

Sam Bahreini is a serial entrepreneur, business and thought leader who possesses 15 years of experience building high-growth startups.

A husband, father of 4 girls, entrepreneur, avid biohacker, and soccer coach, Sam has learned throughout his journey the value of hard work and giving back. Sam is a hard working & high energy individual fueled by his passion to help people and solve problems.

His childhood forced him into an unexpected path, but Sam made the most of it. Never having his mom around Sam grew up in Tampa, Florida with his father, an immigrant to the United States from Iran. As far back as he can remember, he would walk auto auctions with his dad on weekends and work on his car lot during the summers. Then it all came crashing down, at 10, Sam lost his father and with no mother around, growing up quick was mandatory. Not the ordinary lessons you’d expect a child to learn early on, but those lasting lessons from his father to put a relentless effort daily and work with the circumstances you’re in carry with him to this day.

Sam didn’t attend college, although if you ask him he’d say he went to the School of Hard Knocks. Throughout his career, Bahreini has served in C-Level positions across technology, retail, and wireless organizations. He also founded two companies, one in the retail industry across the Maryland, DC and Virginia region, and another software (SaaS) for retailers managing the way global brands execute on their initiatives.

Bahreini’s passion for helping young entrepreneurs comes from his experiences growing up. His love of making even the most broken of processes work effectively and smoothly is a testament to taking a broken childhood to building a family and career out of the most improbable circumstances. Your circumstances don’t define you and Sam is on a continued mission to show others anything is possible.

Sam is an avid blogger and writes posts for publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Inc. When Sam isn’t working you can find him at the gym in the early hours or working with his girls on coding, sports, music, or the next wacky messy pink glittery project. While Sam keeps busy, he’s always open to meeting and hearing new ideas, or simply helping someone out. Sam says It’s the little things we do to lift each other up that make the biggest impact in our world.