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burnout as a startup

How to Keep Your Start-Up Going when you are Feeling Burned Out

How to keep your start-up going when you are feeling burned out

Being an entrepreneur can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but even the most well-seasoned entrepreneur may experience bouts of burn-out when getting their start-up up and running. It is during these rough patches that many entrepreneurs are ready to throw in the towel and may lose sight of what their intended goals were in the first place. To help combat burnout and keep the engines moving follow the six tips below.

Develop an Exercise and Eating Routine

Sometimes the stress of a new business can affect your health in multiple ways. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and limited time to participate in physical activity can cause an increase of stress in the body and make you more susceptible to illness. Try to make sure to get some more healthy food in your diet by packing snacks that can help keep up you energy throughout the day. If you find you eat most of your meals at your desk try to pack your food with healthy options instead of relying on takeout. Also, make time for some regular physical activity at least four times a week such as walking. Not only will it help your health but exercise can often clear your head and reduce stress.

Take an Off the Grid Vacation

It may be hard to imagine taking your eyes away from the screen in today’s technology based world, but if you are feeling burned out, an off the grid vacation may be just what is ordered. When you take your technology on vacation with you, it is too easy to answer a few quick emails or make a few calls. By planning your vacation technology free, you will be able to relax and clear your mind fully. Even if you can’t afford to take a week away from work, relaxing unplugged for a couple of days can help you recharge and reenergize.

Find a Way to Delegate Some Responsibility

Burn out can often come from long hours or tight deadlines that are often a part of starting up a new business. Take some of the stress off your shoulders by delegating some work to another employee. While you may feel that there is no one qualified to do what you can, there are usually a large number of smaller, less important tasks that may take up time in your day that could easily be handled by someone else. If you find it hard to delegate tasks at work, maybe look at delegating some tasks you are required to do at home such as lawn maintenance or cleaning. Sometimes eliminating a few precious hours of your plate can help to reduce stress.

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

While goals and deadlines are important to keep a startup company growing and focused, it is important to make sure the goals that are set are reasonable and achievable within the given time frame and parameters. For example, when setting the launch date for a new product add some time for typical delays and setbacks or you may find yourself burning out over a goal that may not have been realistic in the first place.

Establish a Clear Separation Between Work and Personal Life

One of the most important things is to have a sanctuary away from work where you can unwind, release some stress, and be able to completely be yourself. To do this, you will need to be able to separate your work life and personal life into two distinct worlds. This may require you to limit phone calls to certain hours of the day or to only handle emergency situations when you are “off the clock.” If you have a family, this is also extremely important to ensure that your family life does not suffer.

Find ways to Remind Yourself Why You Started the Company in the First Place

One of the best ways to get through burn out when working on a startup is to find the means to remind yourself why you created the company in the first place. Whether it is keeping a list of reasons why you started the company somewhere you see it every day or having an article or photo that reminds you of your goals, having a daily reminder can help keep you focused and see the end game. Staying focused on future goals will help keep you focused and get through your bouts of burnout.

It is important to remember that your health and focus is critical to achieving the goals of your start-up company, so doing your best to avoid or address burn out when it occurs is imperative. Try the six tips above to help handle burn-out when it occurs so you can get back on track and stay focused on your start-up’s future goals.

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