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3 Simple Ways to Use Technology to Build Employee Engagement

3 Simple Ways to Use Technology to Build Employee Engagement

When it comes to brand engagement, most business owners automatically think of their customers. But employee engagement is just as influential. With technology improving every day, it’s time all business owners accept and take advantage of the technology-driven renaissance. However, a mere 13 percent of the global workforce is engaged at work, and even fewer people are engaged with their employers’ brands.

Why haven’t more businesses jumped aboard the engagement train? Most are afraid of technology or don’t have the funds to devote to engaging their workers. What they need to realize, though, is that in the long run, investing in employee engagement will increase profits by making employees passionate, empowered brand advocates.

Engaged employees can be your greatest assets. While brand advocates from outside of the company can be expensive and difficult to find, your own employees are right there, available to advocate.

Not only are they convenient, but they’re also critical for your business in the long run. For one, current and potential customers trust them. More importantly, the more they advocate for your brand, the more devoted they’ll be to working hard and staying with the company.

So prioritize creating employee engagement. Before you embark on that project, though, here are some quick tips to get you started:

  1. Recognize your stars. Employees expect to be recognized when they perform well, and recognition encourages and engages them. Modern analytical technology can help business owners understand whom to recognize. The SaaS model aggressively adopts new technology and is leading to a new way of operating businesses: flatter organizational hierarchies. Through its real-time performance scoring, advanced reporting, and team competition, your organization can achieve high levels of analytics-fueled worker engagement.
  1. Promote flexibility. Businesses everywhere are allowing their employees to work more flexible hours. Join them!

With technology so pervasive and impressive, companies can use those flexible hours and locations to engage employees in their work and even make them more productive. When employees work from home, they can feel less stressed and are, therefore, willing to work longer hours and do more for the company. Let the dominoes fall — the more they do for the company, the better advocates they’ll be.

Flexible work hours and locations tend to be among the first perks employees tout when telling others about their jobs, so by offering those perks, you’re creating strong brand advocates without any cost to the company.

  1. Tune in — constantly. Even after work hours, many of your employees are accessing work information on their smartphones. You can feast on your employees’ constant use of their mobile devices — if you know how. For example, if the benefits your company offers were available to employees in their pockets, employees would use them more often.

Create a company intranet communication system so your employees can send pictures and texts to each other, either individually or as a group, on nights and weekends. Whether they’re talking about work or not, communicating with co-workers through a company-provided portal means they’re engaging with the company.

While it may seem counter-productive to spend your company’s hard-earned funds on its employees, making sure your employees are engaged can provide a huge return on your investment. Your employees are the ones who are connecting with your customers and showcasing your brand to their networks. And ultimately, investing in employee engagement will increase profits by making your employees passionate and empowered brand advocates.

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